Boy Scouts

The Henderson Presbyterian Church hosts Boy Scout Troop 37, one of the oldest troops in the Las Vegas and Henderson communities. The Henderson Presbyterian Church has sponsored the troop for the past 40 yrs. With Troop 37 there is always a new adventure every week.

Have you ever gone repelling, camping, hiking and star gazing all in the same weekend? If you were involved in Boy Scouts you could experience this and much, much more. Once a month Troop 37 goes on a camping trip to different places to teach its members how to fish, camp, start fires with out matches, tie knots, survive in the wilderness, canoe, identify edible plants, learn about astronomy, Dutch-oven cooking, black powder rifle shooting, gun safety, boating, orienteering, snow camping, mountain man, remote control cars, and even attend a week long annual summer camp. Some of the locations Troop 37 have been include locations like Geronimo, Catalina Island, Emerald-Bay, Lost Valley, and Lake Arrowhead. The scouts also have an annual Family camp, and also camped near the Lehman caves and Ore Car Mine.

Troop 37 often has merit badge workshops where the scouts can work on earning merit badges, needed to move up in rank.

Some of the annual community service projects that Troop 37 participates in are the Scouting for food drive, clothes drive, and the Henderson Presbyterian church's famous Day timer's yard sale. Each boy has the opportunity to earn money for scout summer camps by participating in events like the Troop 37's annual Boy Scout yard sale. Items are donated by the community for the scouts to sell in order to earn money for summer camp. We also receive donations from residents and businesses of the Henderson Community. For more information, call the church at 702-565-9684, or send an email.